Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Snapshot 3/14

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads.

Happy Saturday! We went from winter snowstorms to warm spring rain in just one week. We ended up with over 8 inches of snow on top of a thick layer of ice...and now it's all gone! Here's how much things changed:

Our back deck last Saturday
Our back deck today

View from our front door last Saturday

View from our front door today

Sunset from our deck

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

P.S. Happy Pi Day!


  1. Isn't it nice when spring arrives! That's beautiful. No buds on my azalea yet. My Snapshot is at

  2. I enjoyed your before-and-after photos. All the scenes are beautiful, but I'm guessing you prefer the view without snow!
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  3. The time period after a big snow is always so "ugly". But Spring is on its way! My Snapshots

  4. What a lovely sunset! I bet you were happy to see that snow gone!

  5. Well that escalated quickly… sorry I've always wanted to write that :) Yay spring is on the way for you (Ugh for us New Zealand is going into winter now)