Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Order of Books Website

I recently discovered a new bookish website and have already used it several times!

Ever wonder in what order the books in a series go? Or want to know in what order an author's books were published? Welcome to OrderofBooks.com!

At this awesome website, you can look up a book series by author or by the series name and see a complete list of the books in the series, in order of publication. It even shows in what year each book was published.

I've already found this website to be very useful.

For instance, I was buying books for my Dad's birthday (he goes through them faster than I can buy them!) and had heard that the Charlie Hood series by T. Jefferson Parker was a good mystery/thriller series. It sounded like something he'd like, but I couldn't tell which was the first book on Amazon. A quick search for Charlie Hood on Order of Books and I knew to order him L.A. Outlaws (which he loved, by the way).

Then, last week, I was writing my review of Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. I knew it was one of her earlier books, but I didn't know how early. A quick search on Order of Books told me it was Picoult's 3rd book, published in 1995. Picoult's books were listed even though they aren't a series. How cool!

I noticed the site even includes some children's and YA authors and series, too. Go ahead and check it out - have some fun!

Do you know of any other useful book websites? I have been searching for years for one that lists books by location/setting, so I'd love to hear if you know of one - or anything else useful!

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