Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Snapshot 5/17

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May Flowers! All the flowering trees in our neighborhood finally bloomed last week - it's so beautiful when they are all in flower at once. Now, everything is green, but they are at their peak:

A neighbor's weeping willow tree in bloom.

This tree reminds me of cotton candy when it blooms!

A close-up of the previous tree

Bright pops of pink all over the neighborhood from the cherry trees.

Our own contribution - daffodils and grape hyacinth - almost gone 1 week later!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh, I adore weeping willows, and in bloom, they look like they are dressed for a party! Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. I love blooming cherry trees! I grew up in "the cherry city," so they always remind me of home!

  3. The blooming trees in our neighborhood are on the wane now, but they were sure glorious when they were all in flower. Thank you for capturing the beauty around your home and for sharing it with us.
    You'll find my Saturday Snapshots HERE.

  4. Melinda - what is the Cherry City?

  5. Beautiful! We haven't see any green on trees yet, just grass so far. To have trees in full bloom and gorgeous like this we have to wait till July. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  6. Love the blooming trees!!

    Here is my Saturday Snapshot post!!

  7. Finally. Spring has arrived in Delaware! Our flowering trees are done.

  8. Very pretty! It does seem like everything bloomed at the same time this year.

  9. Beautiful blossom. It is a shame it is fairly short lived.

  10. Gorgeous flowers- it must be such a relief this year. What we call weeping willows don't flower at all, they just go green- I wish they flowered.

  11. What beautiful ornamental trees! This daffodil time of year is just the prettiest!