Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book By Book is Now on Twitter!

About a month ago, I started using Twitter for my chronic illness blog (@livewithmecfs). I've been enjoying it but was really itching to Tweet (and follow) book-related stuff, too.

This is probably really stupid since I just merged my two book blogs into one to reduce my workload, but I started a new Twitter account just for books! I hope it will be fun and not too much extra work, though I already got confused and posted an illness-related Tweet to the book account. They should make it easier to manage two Twitter feeds with one account...but they don't.

I am looking forward to posting favorite quotes from books, bookish news, what I'm reading, and to follow favorite authors.

So, if you are on Twitter, you can follow me at @SueBookByBook - hope to see you there!

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