Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday Snapshot: Halloween & Pumpkins!

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.

Our sons are now 19 and 23, so we are well beyond the trick-or-treat years (much to our dismay!), but they have both been planning their costumes for parties at college. And they still love our family traditions this time of year. They both came home last weekend for our annual trip to the pumpkin farm, and they both came home last night to carve pumpkins (I enticed them with a steak dinner!). We love that they still like to do these things with Mom and Dad (and Grandad) - here's a peek at our pumpkin fun this past week:

Northbrook: our annual spot for pumpkins...

...and more importantly, homemade, hot donuts and cider! SO good!

A colorful array of pumpkins

Family selfie at Northbrook
Our sons carving pumpkins, with Grandad watching

Our finished jack-o-lanterns

I especially like our sons' creativity this year (the wolf and the tree)

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day and having a nice weekend!


  1. Great photos of Halloween fun! It's great that your sons still enjoy carving pumpkins with the family. LOVE their creations.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a fun day at Carpinito Bros. Pumpkin Patch.

    1. THanks, Sandra! Yes, we love that they still enjoy our holiday traditions!

  2. Wow. What amazing pumpkins your sons made! They should go professional.