Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Books Read in June

Ha! Only July 20 - I'm catching up on reviews & getting better (a bit!) on my monthly summaries.

June was a good reading month for me with a nice variety:

So, six books total in June, all fiction, and almost all of them were YA and middle-grade, which is unusual for me (I normally read a mix). I read my first Big Book of the summer and my first classic of the year (finally!) - see details below. My favorite? Ooh...that's a tough one. These were all good. I think I liked Pax the best - it was a really powerful, unique story about hope, love, and war.

Progress on 2016 Reading Challenges:
This is my favorite part of my monthly summary - updating my Reading Challenges! I (finally) read 2 more TBR books in June for my Read Your Own Damn Books Challenge - that's a total of 8 so far this year, which is not very good! For the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge, June was A Book Recommended by Girlxoxo month - um, yeah. Since I didn't look at the monthly topic until just now, that's not so good...BUT she did recommend The Raven Boys, book 1 in the series I finished last month, so that counts, right? No nonfiction last month for my 2016 Nonfiction Reading Challenge, but (drumroll) I finally read a classic for the 2016 Classics Challenge! Woohoo! For my Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge, I read books set in Hungary and UK (Wales).  I am also tracking the states my books are set in, even though there is no Where Are You Reading challenge this year - I added 3 new states this month!

Finally, I did my best ever on the monthly Bookish Bingo hosted by Chapter Break (you can join the fun any month without officially joining a challenge). Here's my Bingo card for June - I filled a record 20 spaces!

Books Read & Bingo Spaces:

The Raven King: murder, witch, in a series, grad, waiter/waitress, more than 400 pages
Magnificent Mya Tibbs: accent, empowered female
The Metamorphosis: shelf-love book, father, foreign setting
Bera the One-Headed Troll: garden
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: debut author/novel, super special powers, travel in book, library book, teacher, flowers
Pax: one word title
Free Space!

Believe it or not, this is one of THREE book bingo games I am playing this summer - it's getting confusing!

What was your favorite book read in June?


  1. 20 spaces is awesome!! Great job Sue!

  2. Ha - 3 book bingo games is very ambitious indeed :-)

    1. I started this monthly Bingo back in Jan, printed a card for the Books on the Nightstand summer bingo that I usually do each year, and then signed up for my library's summer reading program (as I usually do) and saw that they had added a book bingo to the program also! lol

  3. It seems like you had a great reading month! Congrats on reading your first classic and on the amount of Bingo Spaces filled.

    1. Thanks! I hope to keep up the classics, but I've done really poorly so far! And I am way behind on my Big Books - I should have mentioned that!

  4. I am currently reading the Hitch Hiker's guide to the galaxy! It's amazing, and another big book! Congrats on your first classic!
    Also, you can find my blog at "".... I am kind of a new blogger and it would be great if you could share it with other's. Again, it's a huge request but even if you can't do it, I just want to say- you have a great blog!

    1. Oh, that's such a fun, funny book! Hope you enjoy it!

      And I already have shared your blog - and so have you by leaving this comment! When you signed up for the Big Book Summer Challenge, I posted a link to your post on Twitter & my Facebook page...and you posted your link here on my blog! I will do the same again anytime you post another link to the challenge page - like a review, update, or closing post.

      Welcome to the blogging world!

    2. I am!
      Thanks alot Sue!