Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More Spooky Halloween Reads!

Throughout this month, I've been posting ideas for spooky books to read for Halloween, as I've been enjoying my annual Creep Fest!

Here's my earlier post to kick off several October events, including lots of ideas and links.

And here are three more links to some great lists of books perfect for the season:

Publisher's Weekly's 10 Best Ghost Stories of all time - some great ones on this list!

BookPage's The Year's Best Mysteries for Halloween Reading - need to try some of these!

10 Dark, Creepy Children's Books Every Kid Should Read - great list!

So, there's no excuse not to join in the fun - pick one of these spooky reads to get in the mood for Halloween! And these aren't just applicable this month but any time of year for people who enjoy the creepy stuff. I've added a few from the Best Mysteries list to my Christmas list for my dad and husband.

What are your favorite spooky books?

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