Wednesday, January 31, 2018

TV Tuesday: Favorite TV Shows Reviewed in 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I summed up my Favorite Movies Watched in 2017, so today it's time for TV to get its due. It was another GREAT year for TV shows! There is just SO much available now, between streaming services, cable channels, and networks, that it's impossible to keep up with all the amazing shows - but we gave it our best! In fact, our movie viewing has fallen off in recent years because we are watching so much more TV.

The full list of TV reviews I wrote this year (30 in all) is included below, and these have all been added to my TV Reviews tab (along with the ones previously reviewed). They are sorted by genre. Just to be clear, I only write reviews of shows that I enjoy, so everything on this list is worth trying!

As usual, we watched a mix of genres. This list of 2017 reviews makes it look as if we mostly watch shows on streaming services, but that is misleading. We still watch most of our shows On Demand through our cable service, but many of them are continued from previous seasons (so you can find their reviews in the TV Reviews tab).

Here are a few superlatives from my 2017 reviews to whet your appetite (click the links to see the reviews) - yes, I cheated a bit where it was a close tie!:

Best Comedy
Chewing Gum (N) - UK Channel 4 

Best Drama
Good Girls Revolt (A) - Amazon Prime (my pick)
The Last Tycoon (A) - Amazon Prime (my husband and my pick together)

Best Dramedy
  One Mississippi (A) - Amazon Prime (my pick)
Sneaky Pete (A) - Amazon Prime (my husband and my pick together)

Best Crime/Mystery/Thriller 
 Ozark (N) - Netflix

 Best Sci Fi
Travelers (N) - Netflix
Sense8 (N) - Netflix (more supernatural than sci fi)
A Tie! My husband, son, and I LOVE both!

Best New Network Show 
(since most of my Bests are on streaming services)
Wisdom of the Crowd (A, C, I) - CBS

In addition to the reviews listed below, also check out my post, When Good Shows Get Cancelled, a round-up of One-Season Wonders still worth watching!

KEY: Available on:
A = Amazon
C = Cable and/or Cable On Demand
H = Hulu
I = On network’s own website
N = Netflix
Note that Amazon Prime original shows are available only to Amazon Prime members (just like Netflix or Hulu), but some shows are available on Amazon (A) to anyone for a fee.

Chewing Gum (N) - UK Channel 4
Norsemen (N) - Norwegian show
Will & Grace 2017 (A, C, I) - NBC

American Crime - season 3 (A, C, I) - ABC 
Anne with an E (N) - Netflix
The Bold Type (A, C, I) - Freeform (formerly ABC Family)
Good Girls Revolt (A) - Amazon Prime
Gypsy (N) - Netflix
The Last Tycoon (A) - Amazon Prime
The Man in the High Castle (A) - Amazon Prime
Mercy Street (A, C, I) - PBS

Dramedy (both Comedy & Drama)
Fleabag (A) - British show 
Friends From College (N) - Netflix
Lilyhammer (A, N) - Norwegian show
Master of None (N) - Netflix
No Tomorrow (romcom) (A, C, I, N) - The CW
One Mississippi (A) - Amazon Prime
Sneaky Pete (A) - Amazon Prime

The Fall (A, N) - Irish show 
The Killing (N) - Netflix
Occupied (A, N) - Norwegian show 
Ozark (N) - Netflix
The Sinner (A, C, I) - USA Network
Ten Days in the Valley (A, C, I) - ABC
Time After Time (A, C, I) - ABC (also sci fi)
Wisdom of the Crowd (A, C, I) - CBS

Sci Fi
Salvation (A, C, I) - ABC
Sense8 (N) - Netflix (more supernatural than sci fi)
Travelers (N) - Netflix

Reality Shows
Food Network Star (A, C, I) - The Food Network


  1. Find to find someone else who reviews more than books on their blog! :)

    With as much TV as I watch, I haven't seen any of these shows. There's just too much TV to keep up with it all these days.

    1. Yes, same here! Even with all of these TV shows I have reviewed over the past few years, we are constantly hearing about new (or new-to-us) shows that we MUST see! So much good stuff :)

  2. Thanks for this - I just bookmarked it and am adding some shows to my To Watch list. How do you guys keep track of the shows you watch?

    1. ha ha - my "method" is very low-tech! Obviously, i do have the reviews on my blog - usually focused on something new we are watching, so that becomes something of a record.

      But to keep track of what shows we are currently following, each season I take a brightly-colored index card and write our shows on it, sometimes with the premier date so we know when they start. It used to be just our cable/network shows, but now there are streaming shows listed there, too. So, in the evening when we watch TV, I look at my little cheat sheet to see which shows might have new episodes posted on Demand!

      It's simple but it works!

  3. I hope this isn't a repeat comment, something weird happened while I was typing! You are so good at keeping track of what you watch and cataloguing it all. I am currently enjoying the latest season of Amazing Race.

    1. Nope just 1 comment - sometimes Blogger acts up! Did you read my reply to the comment above about my little index card cheat sheets?? That's how I keep track of what shows we are watching each season!

      We're watching Amazing Race, too :) Our whole family used to watch it together, then the boys and my husband gave up on it, and I was watching it alone, at lunchtime, but this season, my husband said he wanted to watch it again - yay! We are enjoying it. It's always so much fun to see the incredible places they go!

      Hope you enjoy it too -