Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fiction Review: NightSun

My latest review for Shelf Awareness has been published: NightSun by Dan Vining. You can read the full review at this link.

NightSun is a detective story with a twist: it's set in 2025 Los Angeles. So, it works as a mystery, a thriller, and a dystopian novel. Although there are two different cases being investigated in this novel, the backdrop and setting of near-future LA get plenty of attention, too. The tone and mood are fairly dark, as are most futuristic settings in books! The mysteries here and the bigger issues encountered are not all wrapped up in a neat bow by the end, so it's not a typical mystery novel, but there are some resolutions to the two cases. I wondered whether this might be the start of a series, with detective Nate Cole and PI Ava being introduced for future adventures.

All in all, I enjoyed this unique novel, and it is now in my husband's to-be-read stack! Check out the full review on Shelf Awareness.

Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. My review is my own opinion and is not influenced by my relationship with the publisher or author.

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