Friday, January 05, 2018

Fiction Review: Artemis

Perusing my monthly list of possible review titles from Shelf Awareness this summer, I was excited to see that Andy Weir, author of the best-selling The Martian, had a new book coming out in the fall. I was even more excited when I received it (my top choice) in the mail to read and review! His latest, Artemis, has all the elements readers loved in his first novel: science, suspense, and humor.

In this case, instead of Mars, his new novel is set on the moon, in the first-ever lunar colony called Artemis. You can read my full review of this funny fast-paced thriller at this link on Shelf Awareness.

After I read and reviewed Artemis, my husband also read it, and we both very much enjoyed  it. It's a lot of fun, and an easy - and educational! - read. If you ever wanted to know how to pull off a major theft in zero gravity and in a vacuum, now you can learn. As with Mark Watney in The Martian, Artemis features a likeable, wise-cracking main character in Jazz, a young woman who gets into more than she bargained for.

It's just a whole lot of fun and perfect for this time of year (if you think it's cold out HERE, just wait till you see what it's like on the moon). I hope they make this one into a movie, too (update 6/22: I see on IMdB that a movie adaptation is currently in development!.

Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. My review is my own opinion and is not influenced by my relationship with the publisher or author.

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Listen to a sample of the audiobook here or download from Audible (I like the sound of the narrator!)

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Or order Artemis from Book Depository, with free shipping worldwide.

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