Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall TV We Are Looking Forward To

Yes, yes, it's back-to-school time, kids off to college, weather turning cooler (or supposed to anyway)...but fall also means the new TV season is here! Granted, it's not like in the old days, when all new shows started in fall. Now we have streaming services launching new shows constantly and even the networks introducing new shows every season, but fall is still the biggest season for the biggest shows and the biggest launches. Here's what we are looking forward to, both old and new:

Returning Favorites
We can't wait for some of our old favorite shows to return! Here's a list of the ones we are most looking forward to, along with links to my past reviews and start dates for this fall:
  • Scorpion, season 4 begins 9/25 - a fun show about a group of genius misfits helping the government - not always believable but fun, suspenseful, a good sense of humor, and even a bit of geek romance.  We've been watching it for 3 years, but I guess I haven't reviewed it yet!
  • Blacklist, season 5 starts 9/27 - we still enjoy this fast-paced thriller starring James Spader as the mysterious Red. Can't believe I haven't reviewed that one yet, either!
  • Designated Survivor, season 2 starts 9/27 - and we can't wait! We loved the first season of this political drama crossed with an action thriller starring Keifer Sutherland as a former HUD Secretary who becomes President when the rest of the country's leadership is killed in a bombing. 
  • Grey's Anatomy, season 14 (!!) starts 9/28 - yes, we still watch this long-running medical drama!
  • How To Get Away With Murder, season 4 starts 9/28 - this complicated legal thriller
    co-created by the great Shonda Rhimes always starts with some startling event and then flashes back to fill in the blanks.
  • Madam Secretary, season 4 starts 10/8 - we are huge fans of this political drama starring Tea Leoni as Secretary of State.
  • Good Behavior, season 2 starts 10/15 - we loved this new show last winter, based on a series of novels by Blake Crouch (of Wayward Pines fame) about Letty, a con woman, trying to hold onto her beloved son, who hooks up with a killer-for-hire boyfriend. Here's its IMDB page.
  • Travelers, season 2 starts 10/16 -  we watched season 1 of this time-travel show starring Eric McCormack on Netflix last year with our son and loved it!
  • Blindspot, season 3 starts 10/27 - this intriguing thriller features a
    woman found in Times Square covered in tattoos with no memory.
  • Stranger Things, season 2 starts 10/27 - we binged this 80's sci fi Netflix show with our son last year and all loved it! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Yes, yes, I am well aware that it will be a challenge to juggle all those shows! Hopefully, some of the earlier ones will be winding down for a mid-season break by the time the later ones start. And let's not forget about new shows! Here are a few coming this fall that look like they might be worth checking out...

New Shows To Try

I went through a LOT of trailers and narrowed it down to these that look like we might enjoy them:

The Good Doctor (ABC) starting 9/25 - about a young genius surgical resident who is autistic (and whose hiring is controversial)

Ten Days in the Valley (ABC) starting 10/1 - a 10-episode thriller starring Kyra Sedgwick as a TV producer whose daughter goes missing

The Crossing (ABC) starting in October - I think I am most excited about this new sci fi thriller, about a group of refugees who appear in an American town seeking asylum - from 250 years in the future!

Deception (ABC) starting in October - a new suspense thriller about an illusionist/magician working with the FBI

Wow, so many good shows to look forward to this fall!! It all starts next week...get ready for some binge-watching!

What old favorites and new TV shows are you most looking forward to this fall?


  1. We love Scorpion even if it often pretty far fetched.

    1. Us, too! It's compelling & has a good sense of humor :)

  2. Fall TV... wahooooo! I am also looking forward to Madam Secretary and Designated Survivor. I am going to try Young Sheldon as well for a non-political show

    1. Yes, that one sounds good, too! My husband doesn't enjoy too many sitcoms, but I like to watch some of them!