Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TV Tuesday: The Catch

My husband and I decided to try the new ABC drama/thriller The Catch, and after three episodes so far, we are enjoying this fun, fast-paced game of cat and mouse very much.

Alice, played by Marielle Enos, runs a thriving private detective agency with her partner and best friend, Valerie, played by Rose Rollins. They are very good at what they do, as seen in the first episode when they foil a talented art thief. Alice is happily engaged to Christopher, played by Peter Kraus of Parenthood fame. They are planning their wedding, and their passion and love for each other is obvious.

Until...we see that Christopher is a con man, and Alice is his latest con. Christopher's real girlfriend, Margot, played by Sonya Walger who played Penny on Lost, tells him it's time to end the con and disappear. Alice has just given Christopher $1.4 million as her half of the down payment on their house, and the next morning she discovers that he is gone without a trace - his apartment empty, his supposed place of work empty, and he - and her money - gone.

Alice is, of course, heart-broken, and also determined to find him. The viewers, though, know something that Alice doesn't: "Christopher" has broken the #1 con-man rule and actually fallen in love with Alice for real. Leaving her and moving onto the next con isn't as easy for him as it should be.

So far, three episodes in, there seems to be a pattern to the show. In each episode, Alice and Valerie take on a new client and solve a new case. Meanwhile, "Christopher" takes on a new identity and he and his two partners (Margot and Reggie, played by Alimi Ballard from Numb3rs) move forward on their new con. Alice's friends want her to forget Christopher and move on...but she is secretly trying to find him. Add in FBI agent (ex-Interpol) Jules Dao, played by Jacky Ido, who has been tracking "Christopher" for years.

I have seen some criticisms that elements of the show are unrealistic. I think those people are entirely missing the point of this show - it's fun, pure and simple! Besides, the fact that a PI who catches con men got conned herself is the whole ironic point. The lead actors are all excellent in their roles (and easy on the eyes!). Peter Kraus as "Christopher" just oozes charm and sexiness...though it is weird to see him in the role of a bad guy after watching him for so many years as dedicated father and husband Adam Braverman!

This is a typical Shonda Rimes show (her other successes include Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away with Murder). The combination of mystery, romance, and cat-and-mouse chase is lots and lots of fun. We are enjoying the ride for now and interested to see where it goes.

The Catch is shown on ABC Thursdays at 10pm (though we never watch anything when it actually airs!), and the first three episodes are all available for free On Demand or at the ABC website. They are also available for $1.99 each at Amazon.

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