Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Snapshot 4/30: Spring in Full Bloom

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads. 

Our roller coaster spring continues (though no more snow). Yesterday it was in the 40's, dark, and rainy, and I was wearing a sweater and heavy coat. A week ago it was 82, and I was in shorts! Despite the crazy weather, everything continues to bloom - here are a few highlights from our neighborhood (plus my son's prom picture from last night - couldn't resist!):

Our own messy but blooming garden, with daffodils & grape hyacinth

Dogwood in bloom in our woods

Buds bursting out on the trees

Neighbor's tree - not sure what it is but beautiful!

My son & his girlfriend ready for his Senior Prom last night

With their friends - four years has gone by fast!

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!


  1. What lovely shots of Spring - including that classic Senior Prom. All beautiful.

  2. Beautiful photos! What a great looking group of kids! My granddaughter just had her prom too.

  3. Lovely garden. It's funny one of your plants is the Hyacinth which just happens to be in the name of the book I just reviewed.

  4. I enjoyed your beautiful photos celebrating springtime, including the one of your son and his friends on the way to prom. That's definitely a rite of spring!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features hiking near Seattle.

  5. Beautiful spring pictures. We've bypassed spring here and are moving straight into summer!

  6. Spring is just around the corner? Wow, it has been really up and down here too. I wonder when the prom is in our town? I love seeing young people all dressed up!

  7. I love grape hyacinths - seeing a whole swathe of them under trees is just the sweetest thing - makes me think of England.

    I often hear about dogwoods in US TV shows and movies but didn't know what their flower looked like....& now I do!