Thursday, November 01, 2012

Books Read in October

I hope you had a Happy Halloween and haven't been too badly affected by the storm.  Its center came right through our area, but we were fortunate not to lose power or sustain any damage at all.  So, we were able to enjoy a fun Halloween yesterday.  I thought I'd try being proactive for once and not procrastinating on my month-end summary until it is almost the next month!

It was a very good reading month for me, with a great variety of good books read, including several Spooky Halloween Reads.  I don't usually "theme read" like that, but I really enjoyed it.  Here's what I finished in October:
  • The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier for Banned Book Week (started in September!)
  • Rule Number Two, a memoir by Dr. Heidi Squier Kraft, read for my library's book discussion
  • Young Fredle, a middle-grade audio book by Cynthia Voight
  • Magisterium, a magical teen/YA novel by Jeff Hirsch
  • The Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka, a novel for my neighborhood book group
  • Everfound by Neal Schusterman, the conclusion to the Skinjacker trilogy that began with Everlost.
See?  A nice variety - several teen/YA novels, a middle-grade novel, a memoir, and a grown-up novel.  I enjoyed them all, but I guess Everfound was probably my top pick for the month (Schusterman is a favorite author!), though Young Fredle is a close second.  Ooh, and I see I am really behind on reviews of grown-up books; I was sick much of this month, so I hope to catch up on those soon.

I made a little progress on my 2012 Reading Challenges this month.  I only added one location to my my 2012 Where Are You Reading Challenge: Rule Number Two takes place in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, The Chocolate War and Young Fredle both take place in unspecified states, and I had already checked off the states for the other books I read.  So, with only 2 months to go in the year, I have read books set in 22 states and 6 countries (with plenty of duplicates).

Magisterium brings my total of dystopian novels read this year up to seven!  The Hunger Games has obviously created a trend in teen publishing!  I didn't read a single book from my TBR shelves this month (very bad!) but got my books from the library and new releases from publishers.  I added 1 memoir to my Memorable Memoirs Challenge.

What books did you most enjoy in October?

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