Monday, September 07, 2009

It's Monday 8/7! What Are You Reading?

Happy Labor Day! I, for one, am glad to have an extra day added to the weekend; we had a busy weekend and I need the extra day to recover. I had a good reading week, though. I have to admit that after I finished my book group book, I chose my next two books based solely on the size of their spines! My stacks of books to be read and reviewed are so overwhelmingly high that I decided to try to knock out a couple of extras this week by choosing the shortest books in the stack. My strategy paid off - I finished several books and enjoyed them all. So, here's the run-down:
  • I finished People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks for my book group. I loved this book - it was the fascinating story of an ancient Hebrew book that survived centuries and was filled with interesting characters. I know several of you are waiting for the review, but I'm going to wait to post it until after our book group meeting on Wednesday so I can include the impressions of the whole group.
  • For my first short selection, I read a memoir, In My Heart, by Ursula Hanks. Hanks tells the story of taking care of her declining parents, with flashbacks to their (and her) earlier life. This book really touched me.
  • Next, I chose a (short) teen novel, Bounce by Natasha Friend. This was also very good, telling the story of how 13-year old Evyn tries to adjust to her instant new family when her Dad remarries.
  • Now I'm reading The Siren Song, the second book in the middle-grade series The Chronus Chronicles by Anne Ursu. My son and I both loved Ursu's first book, The Shadow Thieves, about how two ordinary kids battle with real Greek Gods to try to save the world. When I finish this one, I'll read the final book in the series, The Immortal Fire. I love Ursu's witty, clever writing and suspenseful plots.
Last week, I posted a review of On the Road, the 1950's road trip classic, as well as my own Top Ten List of Books That Taught Me Something. Stop by and tell me about your favorite enlightening books!

With the hectic start of school last week, I got a bit behind on my other book blog, Great Books for Kids and Teens, but look for new reviews this week.

So, what are YOU reading this week?

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  1. People of the Book is one of those I've been meaning to read. You see, I mean to read a lot of them, but somehow it does not work as planned.....LOL

    I liked your idea about reading several with small spines (fewer pages)....try anything that'll help dwindle those piles right?

    Have a great week.

  2. I have heard good things about The Chronus Chronicles by Anne Ursu.

  3. I finished reading "Gateway to DreamWorld," and I would recommend it to those who love to read.