Tuesday, March 14, 2023

TV Tuesday: Will Trent

My husband and I are loving the new ABC show, Will Trent, with its unique spin on a crime drama, with original characters, excellent acting, and a sense of humor. 

Special Agent Will Trent, played by Ramon Rodriguez, has the highest clearance rate for the GBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Many of his colleagues, though, just think he's strange. He has an on-again-off-again romantic relationship but lifetime friendship with Angie Polaski (played by Erika Christensen, who I remember fondly from Parenthood). Angie is an Atlanta Police (APD) Detective, so they often work together on difficult cases. Both Will and Angie grew up in foster care, which gives them a unique point of view. Will is determined that no one ever feels abandoned like he did, from the stray dog he finds to the victims of the crimes he investigates. His boss, Amanda Wagner, played by Sonja Sohn, is tough but fair and clearly recognizes Will's talents when it comes to solving cases. Angie's partner, Michael (played by Jake McLaughlin, who we enjoyed in Quantico and Believe), isn't so sure about Will and is put off by his three-piece suits and stiff demeanor. The GBI and APD often work together to solve cases, so there is sometimes some friction there. Behind the scenes, both Will and Angie are still trying to deal with the scars of their horrific childhoods.

Will Trent has quickly become one of our favorite shows! Since it's on cable and only airs once a week, my husband is constantly asking me, "Is there a new Will Trent up yet?" We enjoy many crime shows, though we like best those that come with a sense of humor (like Poker Face and The Rookie), and this one meets that criteria. It's also well-written and features twisty new mysteries and fast-paced action in each episode. What makes this show unique, though, are the original characters and the wonderful actors who play them. Despite Will often annoying his colleagues, viewers will quickly come to like him. Details from Will's and Angie's background slowly come to light that help to explain where they are now. It's an all-around outstanding show, and we look forward to each new episode!

Will Trent is an ABC show and is available on cable On Demand, on the ABC website (free), and on Hulu.


  1. I like Will Trent too, and a big draw is that cute little dog.