Saturday, January 22, 2022

2021 Reading Challenges Wrap-Up

Better late than never! COVID interfered with my usual start-of-the-year blog posts, but I just posted my Best Books of 2021 Summary, and now it's time to sum up my 2021 Reading Challenges! You can check out my 2021 Reading Challenge tab to see the lists of books read for each challenge.

Here's what I joined and how I did:

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2021 hosted by My Reader's Block

My goal was to read 48 books from my TBR shelves, and I missed that, reading a total of 38 books from my own shelves last year. That was 48% of my books read ... and yet somehow, my TBR bookcase is still overflowing!


2021 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge hosted by Girlxoxo. 

Another annual challenge I always enjoy! And in 2021, I read books in the monthly motifs all 12 months! Success! 

Back to the Classics Challenge 2021 hosted by Books and Chocolate

My goal was once again to read 6 classics in 6 different categories, but I only read 4 classics last year. But Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy was 900+ pages, so maybe that counts as two?? I will try again this year!


2021 AtoZ Reading Challenge hosted by Bookstacks and Golden Moms

This was my first year for this challenge, and I enjoyed it! Though I soon realized certain letters pop up again and again. Do you know I read 11 books whose titles began with the letter A last year? In the end, I filled in 21 of 26 letters, missing only J, K, P, Q, and X. Of the monthly Mini Challenges, I hit 8 of the 12. This was a fun challenge I plan to do again!


2021 PopSugar Reading Challenge hosted by POPSUGAR.

Once again, I joined the Pop Sugar Challenge which provides 50 unique and fun categories. I read books in 37 of those categories in 2021.


2021 Nonfiction Reader Challenge hosted by Book'd Out.

I always enjoy a Nonfiction Challenge. For 2021, I sign up for the Nonfiction Know-It-all category, hoping to read at least 12 nonfiction books ... and I read 13! Success! I also filled in 8 of the 12 categories.


Diversity Reading Challenge 2021 hosted by Celebrity Readers.

I also always enjoy a diversity challenge. My goal was to read 40 diverse books in 2021, and I ended up reading 33. Of the Monthly Themes, I hit 7 of the 12. 


Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge hosted by Mom's Small Victories 

This is a perpetual challenge that I signed up for in 2014 and continue every year. In 2021, my reading took me to 36 locations outside the U.S. and to 17 different countries (lots of duplicates with UK, Canada, and Australia!). I traveled to some interesting places in my books last year!


2021 Literary Escapes Challenge hosted by Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book.

I like tracking where I read domestically, too. In 2021, my reading took me to 23 different states (versus 24 in 2020). SO many books are set in California and New York!


Bookish Bingo hosted by Chapter Break - not really a challenge per se, but a fun game that I played every month in 2021, with a different Reading Bingo card for each month.


Big Book Summer Challenge 2021 hosted by Book By Book (me!)

My own challenge that I host every year from Memorial Day weekend (end of May to Labor Day (early September), where the goal is to read books with 400 or more pages (just one or two or however many you choose). In 2021, I read 12 Big Books (including audios) during the summer!


Readers Imbibing Peril XVI Challenge:

I love this annual fall challenge to read darker books! #ripxvi #Perilreaders In 2021, I read 11 books featuring darker themes in September and October.


Nonfiction November 2021:

I read 7 nonfiction books last November.

That's it! Check out my full lists for each of these challenges on my 2021 Challenges page

What reading challenges did you enjoy last year?



  1. You did so well on your challenges. I realize that not "completing" a challenge doesn't really matter. It's just fun to do them. And, yes. Why are so many books set in NY and CA?!

    1. I agree, Helen! I don't put pressure on myself to complete challenges - I just enjoy tracking what I read!

  2. Congrats on all your challenge accomplishments!

  3. wowee, you did great with your challenges. they are so fun!