Friday, January 15, 2021

Favorite TV Shows of 2020

It's time for my annual TV wrap-up. 2020 was an unusual year for TV for us, since we usually watch mostly cable shows, but so many of those were interrupted by the pandemic. That led us to explore streaming services more.

Listed down at the bottom of this post are all of the shows that I reviewed here on my blog in 2020. TV shows here include those on network TV, cable, and On Demand, as well as on the major streaming services (and many shows are available on network websites, too). I have also added all of these to my TV Reviews tab on the blog, so you can come back anytime to see ALL of the shows I have ever reviewed here. 

I only review shows I enjoy, so anything listed here or on the TV Reviews tab is worth trying!

Best of TV
First a few superlatives - my favorite shows reviewed last year in each category/genre - always tough choices to make because TV shows are just getting better and better (and more and more!). Some of these I almost made two-way or three-way ties, but I stuck to the rules. Remember that we enjoyed all of the shows reviewed - see the full list at the bottom of the post. Links are to my reviews, including trailers and details on where to find each show.

 Best Comedy
The Good Place (A, C, N, P)

We finally tried it ... and everyone was right!


Best Drama

The Queen's Gambit (N)  

My husband's vote is Yellowstone (A, C, P, Paramount) - a close second for me - though he loved Queen's Gambit also.


Best Dramedy

 Atypical (N)

Outstanding in every way - can't wait for season 4 in 2021!



 Lie to Me (A, IMdB)

(a tough call - lots of good shows - but we like the mysteries plus humor)


Best Sci Fi

Russian Doll (N)  

(don't be put off by the sci fi label - hilarious Groundhog Day-like show!)

All TV Shows Reviewed in 2020

So much good TV last year, though it's depressing how many great new shows we enjoyed have already been cancelled! That's the flip side of having so many choices.

KEY: Available on:
A = Amazon Prime
C = Cable and/or Cable On Demand

CBS = CBS All Access

H = Hulu

N = Netflix
P = Peacock
S = Showtime

(Offerings from subscription services change all the time, so double-check. Also, some shows are available for an additional fee on Amazon Prime whether you subscribe or not. Most networks offer some episodes of every show for free at their own websites. Click the links below for my review and details on where it is available.)


The Good Place (A, C, N, P)

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (A, C)



All Rise (A, C, CBS)

The Good Fight (A, CBS)

The Queen's Gambit (N)

Quiz (A, C, AMC)

Yellowstone (A, C, P, Paramount)


Dramedy (both drama and comedy combined)

Atypical (N)

Dash and Lily (N)

Sex Education (N)

Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist (A, C,  H, P)



Better Call Saul (C, N, AMC)

Dublin Murders (A, H, Starz)

Lie to Me (A, IMdB)

Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector (cancelled but hoping NBC will put it on Peacock)

The Stranger (N)


Sci Fi

Russian Doll (N)

Snowpiercer (A, C, TNT)

Star Trek: Picard (CBS)


  1. Wonderful list of shows and I agree that The Good Place was wonderful!

    1. That's a show we watch with our son, and he moved away before we could finish it! We're on the last season, but he needs to visit more often :)

  2. Lots of great shows, many of which I’ve watched :)

    1. Glad you're enjoying some of these, too!