Saturday, September 01, 2018

Saturday Snapshot: Salute to Reading

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.

The horrible heat and humidity have continued here (until yesterday when we got torrential rain!), so I have hardly been outside at all. That means very few walks and no interesting photos from the last couple of weeks to share. Since this weekend marks the end of my 2018 Big Book Summer Challenge, and I plan to spend part of my holiday weekend relaxing with books, I thought I'd dedicate this Saturday Snapshot to reading!

We began reading aloud to our sons when they were babies and continued into their teens. Our younger son doesn't really enjoy reading now, but our older son, my husband, and I are avid readers. From our sons' earliest years until now, we have spent many happy hours reading, both together and individually. A few highlights through the years:

Dad reading to our oldest son.

My mom reading to her first grandchild (The Rainbow Fish!)

Our oldest looking very serious pretending to read a grown-up book.

Dad reading to our younger son.

Gramie reading to our younger son and my niece (Curious George was clearly a favorite!)

Our oldest reading to his younger brother.
A tradition I miss now: reading Christmas books to my sons, niece & nephew.
My nephew much older and now an avid reader himself, on his grandparents' boat.
Our older son reading on a camping trip.
Me reading The Metamorphosis while camping in MD.

And reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers while camping in Shenandoah.

Our son last summer reading in our camper.

I love how books play such a big role in our lives!

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend!


  1. I enjoyed the photos of your family reading throughout the years. You gave your sons a great gift when you shared your love of reading with them. I've done the same with my son and granddaughter. If nothing else, they'll never be bored with nothing to do! Thanks for sharing.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a hiking adventure at Mount St. Helens.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I miss those days of reading aloud to our sons and sharing my favorite childhood books. Nice to hear that will come around again someday with grandkids!