Tuesday, July 24, 2018

TV Tuesday: GLOW

After hearing rave reviews of the Netflix series GLOW for more than a year - and more raves when the second season was recently released - I finally found time to try it and was instantly hooked on this show about a group of women starting a women's wrestling TV program in the 1980's.

Ruth, played by Alison Brie of Community and Mad Men fame, is an out-of-work actress having an affair with a married man and struggling with her life. Her best friend (who she has a serious falling out with in an early episode) Debbie, played by Betty Gilpin, is also an actress who had an ongoing role in a soap opera and is now at home with her baby. Ruth goes to a casting call at an LA gym and realizes it's not a typical acting job. The director, Sam, played by stand-up comic Marc Maron (here with an awesome 80's mustache) is looking for women to star in a new low-budget TV show, GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It's meant to be a female-centered spin-off of the popular men's wrestling circuit, with stars like Hulk Hogan. Most of the women hired are a bit reluctant but in need of work, but after a while, they all begin to get into the spirit of it, as they figure out their characters and costumes and learn fake wrestling moves. Along the way, Ruth and the other women gradually get to know each other better.

If you are thinking - like I did this past year - that you're not interested in wrestling, you should still give this show a try. It is really about the women, their lives, and their relationships with each other. The 1980's are perfectly captured here - with the real clothing and hairstyles that we wore back then (as opposed to some of the over-the-top depictions of the 80's we often see on the screen). I noticed Ruth wearing the same Reebok hightops I treasured! But it's more than just a fun recreation of that time; the show also focuses in on issues like women's rights, racism, and equality - not in a hit-you-over-the-head way, but in a way that makes you think. Despite its serious moments, this show is also a LOT of fun to watch with the costumes, the moves, the shows, and the music. It is taking me back to the 80's and making me laugh, smile, and think. I finished season 1 and have just started season 2 (which many viewers say is even better).

GLOW is a half-hour Netflix original program, so it is available solely on Netflix.

Have you watched GLOW yet?

P.S. Ruth also drives my beloved car (that I still drive today!) - a VW convertible, though hers is yellow and mine is red. How could I not love this show?

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