Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fiction Review: The Possible World

My review of The Possible World, a novel by Liese O'Halloran Schwarz, was just published in Shelf Awareness. I've been waiting to share this one with you because I absolutely loved it!

You can read my full review here on Shelf Awareness.

This unique novel pulled me in right from the first chapter. It's about three different people in Providence, Rhode Island, whose separate lives slowly come together over the course of the book. Lucy is a doctor in the ER when a little boy named Ben is brought in after a horrific murder scene at his friend's birthday party. Alone and orphaned, the boy is scared and confused, and Lucy is drawn to him. Across town, Clare is almost 100 years old and finally decides to tell a friend her life story and share her secrets.

I love stories like this where different narrators' stories gradually intertwine, and this one had lots of surprises and twists to keep my interest, as well as intriguing and likable characters. I definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys fiction. And now I would like to read Schwarz's first novel, Near Canaan, too. The author is an ER doctor herself, which gave the hospital scenes plenty of authenticity.

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  1. I also really like books with multiple narrators.