Friday, April 27, 2018

Two Recent Travel Articles

Happy Friday! I am almost caught up on my e-mails after last week's vacation - down to less than 100! It's been a busy week of catch-up and writing.

No time for a review today, so I thought I'd share two travel articles I wrote that were recently published. Although I love writing about books and am enjoying my freelance work in that area, and I sometimes write about chronicle illness, I want to do more travel writing in the future - preparing for when my husband retires in two years, and we hope to travel more.

So, two of my travel articles recently published (copies of the articles at the links):
Nebraska's Stonehenge, an Around the Bend article for Trailer Life magazine's March 2018 issue about Carhenge, a very cool and unique roadside attraction - classic Americana!
In Delaware's Defense, an Unexpected Mid-Atlantic article for AAA World, Mid-Atlantic edition, March/April 2018, about Fort Miles, a strategic WWII fort in southern Delaware.

Look for another travel post tomorrow, with photos from last week's vacation to southeastern Virginia for Saturday Snapshot.

Do you enjoy travel?


  1. You go to such interesting places! I love it. I really need to travel more in the US.

    1. I SO love to travel & explore new places - our travel time is limited right now by 2 sons in college and a 93-yr old FIL who we don't like to leave for long, but someday we will get back to long cross-country roadtrips!