Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Snapshot: Southeastern Virginia in Spring

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We finally got our long-awaited vacation last week - a camping trip to Southeastern Virginia - though the weather was still much cooler than usual for this time of year! We did get a couple of nice days, though. We stayed in two state parks: Twin Lakes and Staunton River. Both were beautiful and mostly deserted at this time of year, especially in the middle of the week. We enjoyed hiking, kayaking (on the one day it was warm enough!), and exploring a few small towns. Some good food, too, but I will save that for another post. Here are some highlights from our trip - click any photo to see it larger sized.

Goodwin Lake at Twin Lakes State Park

Hiking Around Goodwin Lake at Twin Lakes SP

A Bit of Blue Sky & New Green Buds Though Still Looks Wintry!
The High Bridge of High Bridge SP - a 30-mile long rail-trail

The Appotomax River from High Bridge

Kayaking on Prince Edward Lake at Twin Lakes SP

Our Campsite at Twin Lakes SP at Dusk

A Bit Further South & More Green at Staunton River SP!

Dan River on a Windy Day at Staunton River SP

Getting Greener!

Hiking Selfie on Captain Staunton Trail

Staunton River on a Calmer Day at Staunton River SP

Dozens of Turtles Sunning Themselves in Prince Edward Lake at Twin Lakes SP

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend! Lots of catching up to do here.


  1. Beautiful photos of an area that I'd love to explore. Although I've tried kayaking only once, I think it's something I'd definitely enjoy. It looks so quiet and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    My Saturday Snapshots post is here:

    1. Yes, kayaking IS quiet & peaceful - we really enjoy it!

  2. What lovely pictures, although you would probably not get me over that bridge.

    1. ha ha - it's sturdier than it looks! The bridge part was only a half-mile long - and it used to hold trains, so very sturdy!