Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Tv Tuesday 1/5: Legends

I am back home after some time off and trying to get back into the blogging routine. This is kind of a dead period on TV, in between fall and winter seasons and with most shows taking a break for the holidays, but we are thoroughly enjoying a show that came back for its second season (and was completely revamped) in late fall:

Legends stars Sean Bean, an actor my husband and I both like very much, as Martin Odum, a CIA agent who has lost himself. The title refers to a term for deep-cover operatives - a "legend" is the persona they take on while undercover - their character's full story, life details, etc. The best undercover agents, like Martin, can pull on their legend like a second skin, living in an alternate universe. The agency guards their operatives' legends and true lives from everyone, even other agencies. In Martin's case, this has worked too well - he was so good at becoming someone else that he's forgotten who he really is.

My husband and I enjoyed season 1 of Legends last year, but in an odd twist, TNT kept the series and its basic concept but completely revamped it and started over with a fresh story for season 2. So, I'll start with season 2, the current season. As it opens, Martin is stumbling around London and very confused. He is wanted by the FBI for murdering a top U.S. official - a crime he didn't commit - and has completely lost his memory prior to an accident and head injury. His only contacts are a couple of old friends in the CIA, who are trying to help him covertly.

It comes to light in the first episode of season 2 that one of Martin's past legends was Dimitry, a Russian gangster who is still being sought by the FBI and the Czech police for crimes he committed while in that persona over a decade ago. The CIA never gave up Martin's cover as Dimtry, so those who still seek him have no idea that the criminal they are after was actually a CIA agent. The action moves back and forth from Czechoslovakia in 2001 to the present day in London, as Martin desperately tries to find someone from his past who knew him, and an FBI agent named Curtis Ballard relentlessly searches for Dimitry, both then and now.

It's a fast-paced and action-packed story but with plenty of emotional depth, as Martin struggles to find out who he is and has to face some of what he did in the past as Dimitry, including the mother and daughter whom he adopted as his family - and loved - back then. Sean Bean is excellent in it. We really love this intricate, compelling story, as does our 21-year old son.

Since TNT restarted the story fresh this season, you can start with season 2, episode 1 and not miss a thing. All 10 of the season 2 episodes are currently available for free On Demand or on the TNT website (though you have to log in with your cable ID and password). Legends is also available for $1.99 an episode or $14.99 for the season on Amazon Prime.

Oh, no! In looking to see if Legends was available elsewhere online, I just discovered that it was canceled two weeks ago! So, I guess it won't be back for a third season, but it is still well-worth watching season 2, which provides a complete story.

What TV shows have you been enjoying this past month?

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