Friday, July 31, 2015

Books Read in June

Yes, you read that title correctly - it is now the end of July and this is just my June summary! Trying to catch up after a month away.

Anyway, June was a good reading month. Here's what I finished:

I enjoyed all of these books. I read a nice mix of middle-grade, teen/YA, and adult books but all fiction. OK, I tried, but I seriously can not choose a favorite from June - I really loved all of these. It was a spectacular reading month!

Update on 2015 Reading Challenges:
For my 2015 Where Are You Reading Challenge, I added just 1 new state to my list. I read just one book from my own shelves for my Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2015 - really need to work on that! I listened to two more audio books for my 2015 Audio Book Challenge, and added no books to my 2015 Nonfiction Reading Challenge. No classics last month, either (need to work on that one, too). No new countries for my Travel the World in Books Challenge, either. However, I read two big books in June for my own Big Book Summer Challenge - hey, that's the important one, right?

What was your favorite book(s) read in June?

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