Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturday Snapshot 12/6

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Nothing very artistic or beautiful today - just a few photos from our crazy Thanksgiving week. My college son came home with mono, and my husband got the flu, so we had to cancel our plans to travel to be with family. Instead, we had a quiet holiday at home and watched a LOT of movies all week! A few highlights:

Monday 11/24 - Sunny and 72 F

Wednesday 11/26 - Snow! Crazy....

My first-ever apple pie - it was delicious!

My husband and I on Thanksgiving (he made it to the table!)

My sons are now 16 and 20 but I love seeing their old artwork!
Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


  1. The apple pie looks delicious - glad you had an enjoyable time, despite the illnesses. My Snapshot is at

  2. Always good to spend time with husband and sons, and watching movies together. What a lovely Thanksgiving table. Trust they are all well by now.

  3. I still love seeing the art of kids...nowadays, it's the art of the grandchildren. The fridge is where they end up.

    Thanks for sharing...and from a sunny day to one with snow is amazing!


  4. I'm so sorry to hear that your husband and son were sick during Thanksgiving! But at least you got to spend the time together. Hope everyone's well now. By the way, your apple pie looks delicious.
    My Saturday Snapshots are HERE.

  5. I hope everyone has recovered now. Your pie looks great. I still have some of my son's preschool artworks up around the house. They make me smile even though he's 14 now.

  6. Family, movies and kids art...what a nice way to spend Thanksgiving.
    That apple pie looks amazing, especially for a first time.
    Hope everyone is feeling better by now!

  7. I hope your son gets well soon. Nice photos and snow!

  8. Sometimes quiet family holidays are best. You will probably all remember this one!

  9. Lovely.
    We still have some of the boys Christmas art that we put up every year too :-)

    Happy holidays.

  10. Despite the sickness, it sounds as if you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Movies are always a sure seller in our home.

    Your apple pie photo brought make memories of my one and only time of trying to make one. It involved LOTS of work!