Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Snapshot 12/20

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Happy Holidays! Here are a few photos of us getting our Christmas tree last week and putting it up. Our tree is filled with memory-filled ornaments, from vacations, friends, and the kids' childhoods, so decorating the tree is one of our favorite parts of the year! Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family, too:

My son and I riding the hayride at the tree farm.

My husband and son carrying the tree they cut down.

Our tree, with all our favorite ornaments on it!

A family holiday photo we took last weekend
We love how the tree looks lit up, shining on the ceiling

Enjoy the weekend and this whole holiday season!


  1. I loved seeing the whole journey, from the cutting down of the tree to the fully decorated presentation. What fun!

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. Your tree is beautiful, and I'm sure the whole house smells cedar-y. I love a fresh-cut tree, but unfortunately my son and I are allergic! Our artificial tree holds ornaments we've collected over the years, so decorating it is filled with memories for us too. Enjoy the holidays!
    My Saturday Snapshots are HERE.

  3. Your tree and your family look beautiful.

  4. What a great tree! I love the effect of the lights you have there!

  5. That is a beautiful tree. Since it is just my husband and me, we don't put up a tree. Well, sort of as seen on my post here

  6. Beautiful tree, esp with the lights at night.

    Cut trees don't work very well in Australia. The heat knocks them around too quickly & they just look dead within a few short days.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Yes it's a shame we can't do live trees in Australia. We just take the same fake tree out each year. The hayride and installation of your experience looks much more fun. Your tree looks beautiful.