Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best of 2012 & Year-End Summary

I finally sat down and took a look back at all the books I read in 2012. It was definitely a good reading year!

I read a total of 64 books in 2012, plus 2 that I did not finish (one of which I spent a week on!). The type breakdown is:
  • Adult Fiction = 26 books
  • Memoir =3
  • Nonfiction (not memoir) = 1
  • Middle-Grade Fiction = 15
  • Teen/YA Fiction = 18
  • Picture Books = 1
Of those 64 books, 10 of them were audio books.

That's a few less books overall than last year, but 3 of the 64 were more than 800 pages and each of those took me more than 3 weeks to read!

Now comes the tough part - choosing my favorites! I enjoyed everything I read this year (except for one of the books that I did not finish). You might conclude that means I like everything, but really, that's just because I tend to choose what I read carefully, based on what I like and reviews from people whose tastes are similar to mine. My book groups make sure I don't get stuck in any ruts!

So, my Top Ten Grown-up Books Read in 2012 are (not in order):
With Honorable Mentions for (no it's not cheating!):
 (you can check out my top ten list of kids/teen/YA books read in 2012 at Great Books for Kids and Teens).

And, for a little extra fun, here are a few superlatives (thanks for the idea, Tanya!):

Best Book of the Year and Best Book by a New-to-Me Author:

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 

Best Book from an Old Favorite Author:

11/22/63 by Stephen King

Best Audio Book of the Year: 

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt, an award-winning middle-grade audio book.

Best Memoir of the Year:

Best (and Only!) Nonfiction Book of the Year:

The Big Burn  by Timothy Egan

You can also check out how I did on my 2012 Reading Challenges.

What were YOUR favorite books read in 2012?


  1. Ooh interesting list! I loved 11/22/63, Ready Player One and Before I Go to Sleep. I've been meaning to read Outlander forever!

  2. The only book I've read on your list is The Postmistress -- and I've just finished it!