Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Demise of Bookstores

I recently read this column by author Mitch Albom (of Tuesdays with Morrie fame) about the downfall of Borders as a symbol of the challenges facing all bookstores.

I enjoyed his column and found it interesting.  We often hear writers and readers bemoaning the decline of independent bookstores, so I found it intriguing to hear Albom apply many of these same laments to Borders' bankruptcy and on-going difficulties.  I know that Borders is sometimes considered an evil "big box" store - on a par with all the other huge conglomerates now clogging America's suburbs - but I have to admit that, like Albom, I have a soft spot in my heart for Borders.  I loved his descriptions in this essay about the joys of exploring the big bookstores, and I agree. 

I love going to Borders and for some reason have always preferred it to Barnes & Noble (though I did mostly shop at a local, independent bookstore for the few years we had one in our town).  I was hoping that the bankruptcy proceedings would save the chain, but I guess it's not looking good.

Even though I get many of my books through the library - I just can't afford to buy all the books I read! - I will continue to buy books as gifts, at Borders while it's there or at an independent bookstore that's a bit of a longer drive from here.  What will happen in the future?  I can't even imagine a world without bookstores to roam and browse through. 


  1. I feel like such a traitor, because I love my e-reader and I love libraries. But I love bookstores, too, and want them around!

  2. I feel bad when any book store or chain for that matter closes for financial reasons. I am guilty of doing more browsing than buying at Borders sadly.

  3. "But the world has changed. The printed word is gasping. A symphony doesn't play anymore when you pull open a Borders door. And soon, sadly, the doors may not be there, either."-Albom

    I am so afraid that the music will end and we'll all find out what kind of world we have without books. Argh.

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