Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Ten Authors I've Never Read


This week's Top 10 list is a little unusual. Instead of listing some of the top ten books I've read, today I'm focusing on books I haven't read. This list is a little embarrassing, but here are:

The Top 10 Famous (in many cases, classic) Authors I Can't Believe I've Never Read:
  • Jane Austen
  • Kurt Vonnegut
  • Toni Morrison
  • Philip Roth
  • Norman Mailer
  • John Updike
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • H.G. Wells
  • Ernest Hemingway
Are there famous authors you've never read?

And can you recommend any favorite books by the above authors that I should read?


  1. You're not missing anything with Vonnegut. :(

    I've never read any Woolf, either, but not from lack of trying. Also: Dostoevsky, Philip Roth, and Agatha Christie.

  2. I've read some of Austen (not all to my own shame) and I enjoy her, I also enjoyed Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. I have a goal to read to classic books a year (my first this year is Vanity Fair by Thackery).
    other authors I've never read, but would like to are:
    Victor Hugo
    Those are the ones that popped into my head

  3. I do have a copy of Emma (by Austen) on my to-read shelf, but I never seem to get to it. Maybe this summer.

    I read a lot of Agatha Christie in high school, and I loved her books! I also read a lot of Ray Bradbury back then and keep meaning to return to some of those old favorites.


  4. I have never read anything by Truman Capote. Austen's great, try Persuasion, it is my favorite!

  5. Jess - Capote was another one I considered for my list (but I only had 10 spots!)

    Thanks for the recommendation!


  6. I have read Austen, Woolf and was forced to read a Hemmingway in high school, blech! I haven't read a Steven King novel---although I am getting ready to read my 1st one for a challenge!

    I have something for you here:


  7. I found your blog by way of Kim's Page after Page.

    I must admit that I have not read many classic authors either, but I am trying to remedy that. Probably the book at the top of my list is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

    I have truly come to enjoy and appreciate Jane Austen (I do love Pride and Prejudice).

  8. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I came across blog on Book Blogs.Its really good.
    I must admit I haven't read Kurt Vonnegut , John Updike..I have read Virginia Woolf and I am a serious Austen fan..

  9. I recommend For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway. I read it in high school and loved it. I haven't read Tolstoy either, but he's on my list. Someday I will dive into War and Peace!

    I like your blog! I found it on the Books group on Facebook. I'll click to follow it on My Dashboard! I'm always up for discovering new books. :)

  10. Hi, Carin -

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the book recommendation!


  11. You haven't read any Jane Austen!!! (That is me screaming the question.) She's my fav! I read one Philip Roth, THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, and loved it. Then I read THE HUMAN STRAIN, and hated it.

    1. You can stop screaming, Anne! Austen is one of the 4 I have read since I wrote this :) I read Emma last summer. Not sure i will read any others - not really my cup of tea. I read Roth's American Pastoral (enjoyed it), Beloved by Tony Morrison (good but tough emotionally), and I listened to Wells' The Time Machine last summer with my husband - we both enjoyed it. We just bought a Hemingway so I hope to get to that soon.