Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Snapshot 3/18: National Parks of South Dakota

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.

Continuing my tribute to National Parks and other federally managed lands, inspired by Melinda of West Metro Mommy Reads, this week I am focusing on South Dakota. Why does a single state get its own post? For two reasons: first, although we have traveled all over the U.S. and been to beautiful state and national parks in almost every state, we have spent a LOT of time in South Dakota, in part because we have family there and in part because it is one of our favorite places! Second, the western end of the state in particular has a lot of different National Parks, National Monuments, and other protected lands.

So, here is a sampling from our many trips to South Dakota over the years:

The most famous National Monument in SD: Mount Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore seen through a tunnel on Needles Highway in Custer State Park

Local resident prairie dogs, above-ground in Wind Cave National Park

Underground at Wind Cave National Park

Our favorite: Badlands National Park

Our sons hiking in the Badlands at sunset

Badlands at sunset, as a storm approaches (it was a BIG one!)

Last summer at Jewel Cave National Monument
"Cave bacon" in Jewel Cave
My fave pic of our family: Notch Trail in Badlands NP, 2005

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend and staying warm (feels like the middle of winter here). I am ready to escape this nasty weather and visit some national parks!!


  1. South Dakota is on my list of must-visit places. Your photos make me want to head there right now!
    I didn't get a post put together for today's Saturday Snapshots, so I'm just visiting everyone else's blog. Fun!

    1. The Blank Hills region is just amazing, Sandra! Definitely make plans for a trip there! And these photos focused only on National Parks & Monuments - the crown jewel of the area is Custer State Park (where Dances with Wolves was filmed).

  2. I've never been to South Dakota, but would love to see Mt. Rushmore some day. Looks like you all had a great time!

    1. Mt Rushmore is just the tip of the iceberg, Helen - it is such a beautiful area with such diversity - well-worth a trip!

  3. Cave bacon certainly seems like an interesting cave to visit. I also never knew that Mt. Rushmore was in SD!

    1. Lots of people - even here - don't realize how amazing this corner of South Dakota is!