Saturday, January 09, 2016

Saturday Snapshot 1/9 - Jamaica

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads. 

My mother treated our family to a vacation at a resort in Jamaica last week. Here are a few photos of the beautiful beach & water there:

Our sons in that gorgeous turquoise water

Sunset from the beach

My husband and I kayaking

A sunset family photo

A boat offshore at sunset

Sunset from the resort on New Year's Eve

Hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday season and your new year is off to a good start! We have to get moving and take down the tree and lights today.


  1. What a fantastic place for a break!

  2. That looks like a beautiful way to spend a vacation!

  3. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous place. My husband and I visited Jamaica when we were first married and had a marvelous time. Looks like your family did too.

  4. Your photos are beautiful. What a lovely gift.

  5. Oh, a Jamaican vacation sounds HEAVENLY right now! It looks like you had a wonderful time!