Friday, November 19, 2021

Books Read in October

October was a wonderful reading month! As usual, I enjoyed the annual fall R.I.P. Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge, and every single book I read fit the challenge: mysteries, suspense, thrillers, ghost stories, and more! It made for a fun, fast-paced reading month.

If you want to hear a bit about each of the books listed here that I read last month, you can check out my October Reading Wrap-Up on my YouTube channel.

Here is what I finished reading in October:



So, I finished seven books in October, and all were fiction for the R.I.P. Challenge! Five were adult novels, two were for teens and YA, and one was a middle-grade book--a good mix. I fit in three audio books. I enjoyed all of these; these kinds of mystery/suspense/thriller novels are a lot of fun for me. I think my favorite of the month was Young Man with Camera by Emil Sher because it was so unique and so powerful.

Progress in 2021 Reading Challenges:
You can see all of the reading challenges I am participating in and full lists of the books read for each at the challenges link above. I have some fun ones going this year!

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2021 - Just three of my books came off my own shelves (and the audios had been in my backlog for a while, too, but I only count the ones that take up physical space!). That's a total of 30 so far ... but my goal for 2021 is 48!
2021 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge - October was Lurking in the Shadows, and Illegal by Francisco X. Stork has a black cover and is even about living in the shadows!
Back to the Classics 2021 - No new classic in October.

2021 AtoZ Reading Challenge - Most of my spots are already filled (19 of 26), so I was surprised to fit one in this month: Y for Young Man with Camera by Emil Sher, and I also used that one for the month's Mini Challenge of a new-to-me author.

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2021 - this is a unique one, with 50 quirky categories. My list is getting pretty full now, with 31 filled, and I didn't add any this month.
2021 Nonfiction Reader Challenge - It was an all-fiction month!
Diversity Reading Challenge 2021 - Only two of my books were diverse last month (!), but one of them, Young Man with Camera by Emil Sher, also met the Mini Challenge of being about someone with a disability.
Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge - Alas, my international reading travel was confined to UK, Ireland, and Australia 9where I have already been many times this year!).
2021 Literary Escapes Challenge - I added South Carolina!

2021 Big Book Summer Challenge - Finished in September, with a total of 12 for summer 2021!

R.I.P. Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge - I added seven more dark and creepy books, for a total of eleven for this year's challenge!

And finally, Bookish Bingo hosted by Chapter Break - not really a challenge per se, but a fun game that I play each month! Stop by to print out this month's Bingo card and play along. In October, I filled 17 spaces on my bingo card


Spaces Filled:

Apples Never Fall - not in a series, coffee, multiple narrators

Broken Harbor - read a physical book, in a series

Illegal - black on the cover, man on the cover

The House on Tradd Street - trope, plants on the cover

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie - book club read, library book, multi-word title

Young Man with Camera - free book, shelf love

The Ghost of Midnight Lake - set during school break, trick or treat, audio book

Free Space

What was YOUR favorite book read last month?


  1. You are doing well on your challenges. Mid-November is when I start to take a close look at mine to see if I can finish them all. I've done quite well this year, but have a number of states left to do!

    I can't believe I still haven't read anything by Tana French.

    1. I've been so impressed by your end-of-year push to complete challenges! I just let the chips fall where they may :)

  2. Great job on bingo, Sue!