Sunday, December 27, 2020

Bookish Christmas 2020

Lots of books under the tree!

It's always a bookish Christmas at our house, and this year was no exception! My husband, our oldest son, and I are all avid readers, so we always give lots of books as gifts to each other. Here's what we gave and got this year:

My haul:

I made out very well this Christmas, with two new classics and three novels related to time travel, time shifting, or alternate timelines (they know me well!)

My Book Gifts

That thin one on top is The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde - I have never read anything by him or by John Updike, so I am looking forward to those. And I've already started The Midnight Library!

My husband:

My Husband's Book Gifts

As you can see, he loves thrillers, so this stack should keep him busy for a while! He'll probably read some of mine, too ... and vice-versa! Oh, and I also gave him Ready Player Two, which I can't wait to read, also!

Our son:

Our Son's Book Gifts

Our son loves epic fantasy novels (and The Far Side!). Besides these, he also got Red Sister by Mark Lawrence in his stocking (I think he's got it in his room already). He's excited to dive into all of these!

What books did you give and receive this holiday season?


  1. I love that the three stacks of books are different from one another; you all know each other's reading tastes very well.