Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My Book: Out in Paperback!

The paperback version of my book is now available from Amazon, after a long and bumpy journey (let's just say it was a learning experience!). It is also still available as an e-book on all platforms
And a favor? I REALLY need ratings & reviews, so if you read my book and get something out of it, please leave ratings and reviews on whatever platforms you use (Amazon, B&N, Apple, Goodreads, etc) - even just a few words will help! 
Thank you, and I hope everyone is coping well with our New Normal, which is ironically the title of my book! I wrote it for those with chronic illness but it is suddenly applicable to everyone coping with isolation, anxiety, grief, living a separate life, and looking for small joys each day.


  1. I am so happy for you that your book is finally out there, congratulations!

  2. Everybody is experiencing a "new normal" in this time of coronavirus. Congratulations on your book being out in paperback. I'll mention it on my book blog.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie!! And I SO appreciate it you mentioning it on your blog - huge thanks for helping to spread the word!

    2. I meant to come by earlier today to share the link to my blog post that includes your book: