Saturday, October 12, 2019

Saturday Snapshot: Lewes, Delaware

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Melinda at A Web of Stories (same host as always but with a new blog - check it out!). And I am also participating now in the #WeekendWanderlust Travel Blog Party.

For our 30th anniversary, my husband and I spent the weekend in Lewes, DE, a beautiful little beach town in our state. We had never stayed in Lewes before, so we thoroughly enjoyed exploring its historic town and lovely beach. Here are some highlights:

Ahhh, a beautiful day at the beach!

Some of the locals - there were hundreds of seagulls gathered!

My husband and I walking on the beach

My husband isn't a big beach fan but he's a good sport!
I've never seen such a tiny horseshoe crab!!

Cape May-Lewes Ferry returning to Lewes

Perfect day!

A bookstore! Biblion in Lewes - small but just right.
Dusk on the canal

Peace and tranquility

My happy place!

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend! Perfect fall weather here, finally!


  1. Happy anniversary—your pictures are wonderful. Looks like such a beautiful place.

    1. Thanks, Jane! It is a beautiful place - great little beach town.

  2. I've never stopped in Delaware, just driven through. This makes me want to visit and stay. Congratulations on your anniversary.

    1. ha ha - that's what EVERYONE says about Delaware - "just driven through it"! We do have a tiny bit if I-95 running through our little state :) You should come to visit sometime when you're out east!