Thursday, April 18, 2019

Books Read in March

Scrambling to get ready for our third trip in two weeks (Easter with family starting tomorrow), but I'm going to try to squeeze in my March summary, in between packing and laundry and cooking!

March was a good reading month for me, with one longer book so not as much quantity as lately:
  • The Den by Abi Maxwell (NH) - adult fiction for Shelf Awareness review and Booktopia (due out May 14)
  • Tangerine by Christine Mangan (VT, Morocco) - adult fiction on audio
  • My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie (NY) - adult fiction

  • The Widows by Jess Montgomery (OH) - adult fiction on audio
  • A Good Enough Mother by Bev Thomas (UK) - adult fiction for Shelf Awareness review (due out April 30)
  • Tales from the Inner City by Shaun Tan - illustrated short stories, YA and adult

So, that's 6 books in all in March, which is pretty amazing for me since one of them was 600 pages long! All were adult fiction (though one is also YA), and four of them were historical fiction, so I was living in the past in March! I listened to two of them on audio. My favorite was definitely My Dear Hamilton, which I loved just as much as their first historical novel, America's First Daughter, that I read last fall - and just like that one, I was dreading reading such a long book and then was totally hooked in the first chapter! I also really enjoyed The Widows - my favorite last month on audio. I will link to the upcoming Shelf Awareness reviews as soon as they are published.

Progress in 2019 Reading Challenges:
This is my favorite part of my monthly summary - updating my Reading Challenges:

Mount TBR Reading Challenge - Yikes, only 1 book out of 6 was from my own overflowing TBR shelves!
Monthly Motif Reading Challenge - March was Royalty, Kingdoms, Emnpires & Governments month, so My Dear Hamilton was a perfect fit.
Back to the Classics Challenge - no classics read - again! Slow start. I really tried to fit one in, but book group reads, review books, and Booktopia had to come first.
Monthly Keyword Challenge - I didn't read a single book with any of the monthly keywords in the title...again. Maybe this one wasn't a good choice for me!
Nonfiction Reading Challenge 2019 - no nonfiction books last month.
Diversity Reading Challenge - my great progress came to a screeching halt this month, as I apparently read a LOT of books by and about white people! Just 1 book (My Dear Hamilton) had some diversity in it, as it included the Iroquis's involvement in the American Revolution.
Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge - I added two new countries: Morocco and the UK.
2018 Literary Escapes Challenge - I added 4 new states (I love the beginning of the year!): Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Ohio.
Finally, Bookish Bingo hosted by Chapter Break - not really a challenge per se, but a fun game that I play each month. I filled in 19 squares in March (it was a weird Bingo month because almost every book fit almost every category I had!) - 

Spaces Filled In:
The Den - woman on the cover, coming of age, family secrets, daughter
Tangerine - character relocates, not in a series, dual POV,  audio book
My Dear Hamilton - library book, historical
The Widows - free book, luck - good or bad, female authors
A Good Enough Mother - missing person, read a physical book, green on the cover
Tales from the Inner City - shelf love, compilation

Free Space

What was your favorite book read in March?


  1. Looks like March was a good reading month; I always feel like quality is more important than quantity. You have certainly been on a bunch of trips; that's great!

    1. We had a few nice days vacation in Virginia at the start, Helen, but then a family funeral in OK, so that was tough.

      I totally agree on quality over quantity!

  2. Yay for continuing to travel the world in books, I haven’t read anything set in Morocco! That mardi grad pic with the snow in the background cracks me up. I don’t think of those two going together. Has new Orleans ever gotten snow? It must be a rare occurrence!

    1. I know - that's a funny photo, right? We got a bunch of snow right after Mardi Gras this year.

      And, YES, while we were living in New Orleans, they got the first snow in 100 years! Just a light dusting, but it shut down the city for a week! The building code required pipes to go outside above-ground, so all the pipes froze and burst - the big buildings downtown couldn't use their sprinkler systems until they were all repaired. Major mess!