Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TV Tuesday: The Sinner

My husband and I have been enjoying a new TV show on USA Network called The Sinner, a dark and suspenseful thriller (based on a novel by the same name) with lots of unexpected twists.

Jessica Biel plays Cora, a young mom who seems perfectly normal and happy at the start of the first episode. We see Cora working in her husband's family's business and going home to her husband, Mason (played by Christopher Abbott), and their adorable little boy, Laine. If there is any tension in her life, it is maybe due to a slightly overbearing mother-in-law who lives next door. On Saturday, Cora and Mason decide to take Laine to the beach at a local lake.

At the beach, we begin to see some oddities with Cora. She swims way out into the lake, scaring her husband. But, back onshore, with her sweet son playing in the sand, things get really crazy when Cora suddenly attacks a man on the blanket in front of them, stabbing him repeatedly.The police come to the gruesome scene and arrest Cora, but she has no idea why she did what she did. She remembers attacking the man but doesn't know why she did it. She seems as horrified at her violent behavior as everyone else.

Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, takes a special interest in Cora. He is intrigued by her case, and while everyone else is happy to just let her plead guilty and go to prison, he feels compelled to find out why Cora did what she did. Harry has problems of his own, including a crumbling marriage and an unusual relationship on the side, and he becomes obsessed with Cora's case and keeps digging into her background. Bit by bit, he discovers tiny clues to Cora's past that might possibly provide some explanation for her current behavior. Meanwhile, the viewers see flashback scenes of Cora's very screwed up childhood with religious fanatic parents.

We have watched the four episodes that have aired so far, and eagerly await the next one. There is plenty of suspense in this dark drama, even though you know from the start that Cora committed the crime. Detective Ambrose carries you along in his quest to uncover Cora's secrets, things that even she doesn't remember. Both Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman are excellent in their roles, giving very compelling performances as two people haunted in different ways. This dark, creepy psychological thriller has us both anxiously awaiting each new episode.

The Sinners is currently airing on USA Network. Episode 5 airs tomorrow, and there will be eight episodes in all of this "limited series." You can see all episodes On Demand, free on the USA Network's website, or on Amazon, starting at $1.99 an episode or $14.99 for the entire season....or you can read the novel!



  1. Actually began watching as the book is supposed to be set in Upstate NY. My spouse doesn't like this kind of "thing" so I've been making good use of my DVR. During episode 4 I remember thinking why in heck I was watching it, but glad I haven't cancelled-- yet

    1. Yes! I like the setting, too - I am from upstate NY - Rochester - so that appeals to me, too.

      Glad you are enjoying it - so are we!