Tuesday, May 09, 2017

TV Tuesday: No Tomorrow

I was recently searching Netflix for something new to watch by myself at lunchtime. My time alone is very limited, and I enjoy watching some lighter, fun, girly shows while I eat lunch that the males in my household would never watch! I had finished Good Girls Revolt, This Is Us (sob), and The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce and was looking for something new along those lines. I came across No Tomorrow, a fun romcom from CW with some surprising moments of depth and warmth.

The premise of No Tomorrow is a little silly, but it grows on you. Evie, played by Tori Anderson, is an adorable and earnest young woman who works in quality control for an Amazon-like online marketplace. Evie has recently broken up with her boyfriend, Timothy, played by Jesse Rath, and is starting to realize that she plays it safe too much and lives a fairly sedate and restricted life. Cue Xavier, played by Joshua Sasse, a bearded, beanie-ed guy who lives for the moment. Evie is immediately attracted to Xavier's exciting, fun-filled approach to life, but there's a downside. Xavier lives like that because he is a scientist who truly believes that the earth will be destroyed in 8 months by an asteroid. So, yeah, just a little quirky.

Evie gets involved with Xavier in spite of his doomsday countdown and agrees to join him in making an ApocaList, a bucket list of all the things they each want to do before they die (which Xavier firmly believes will be in 8 months). As those two begin working down their lists and doing all kinds of fun and crazy stuff, we are also introduced to Evie's quirky co-workers and best friends. Hank, played by Jonathan Langdon, who believes in his own version of doomsday but plans to survive in a bunker, and Kareema, played by Sarayu Blue, a sarcastic, wild woman who sits next to Evie at work. Rounding out the cast is their boss, Deirdre, played by Amy Pietz, an unemotional hard-ass whom Hank is secretly in love with.

It all sounds very silly, and sometimes it is, but the show has an undercurrent of warmth and sincerity. As Evie and Xavier navigate the challenges in their relationship (and the other characters in their own relationships), there are plenty of serious and touching moments, too. It's basically like a typical romcom movie only in a TV show. I am almost through the first season (13 episodes in all) and enjoying it very much. It's just what I was looking for - a fun show with moments of depth that my action-focused husband and sons would not be interested in! I hope it comes back for a second season.

No Tomorrow was originally on CW (the last 5 episodes are available on the CW website) and is available on Netflix or you can watch it on Amazon for $1.99 an episode or $14.99 a season.

What fun, girly shows do you enjoy?

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