Thursday, December 15, 2016

Books Read in November

I only read 5 books in November, but they were all very good!

  • The News At the End of the World by Emily Jeanne Miller (MA), fiction (read for review)
  • The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (France), adult fiction

Just five books read last month but a nice mix - mostly fiction with one nonfiction/memoir. I read one YA novel and listened to one audio book. I managed to fit in a classic and short stories (all in one!). And yes, I am aware that two of the books I read (I actually read/listened to them at the same time) both had "end of the world" in the title - kind of scary!

Progress on 2016 Reading Challenges:
This is my favorite part of my monthly summary - updating my Reading Challenges! I read 2 more TBR books in November for my Read Your Own Damn Books Challenge - that's a total of 21 so far this year (and many more to go). For the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge, November was nonfiction month - and I read a memoir! That also counts for my 2016 Nonfiction Reading Challenge which brings my nonfiction total for the year so far up to 10. I added 1 classic to the 2016 Classics Challenge  - still just 4 classics so far this year! For my Travel the World in Books Reading Challenge, I added 2 books both set in France. I am also tracking the states my books are set in, even though there is no Where Are You Reading challenge this year, and I added California   last month.

Finally, I filled 15 spaces on my monthly Bookish Bingo hosted by Chapter Break - not my best month but not bad (you can join the fun any month without officially joining a challenge). Here's my Bingo card for November:
My books filled these spaces:
November Bingo (excuse the poor photo!)
Tales of Mystery by Poe - shelf-love book, mystery, thriller/suspense
When Breath Becomes Air - Unique talent
Vivian Apple At the End of the World - teacher, alternate reality/time, travel, in a series
The News From the End of the World - grief/sadness, dreams/nightmares, free book
The Nightingale - military, set in the fall, historical
Free space

What was your favorite book read in November?


  1. Great collection of books and good job getting 15 squares!

    1. Thanks, Julie! Not my best month for Bingo but not bad for only 5 books!

  2. My reading has taken a serious hit this month. So glad you got a couple books read for Travel the world in books. I'm done reviewing books for awhile so i can focus my reading time on reading my own books and Travel the World in Books!

    1. Sounds like a good plan, Tanya - everything is just so busy this time of year!!