Monday, October 24, 2016

It's Monday 10/24! What Are You Reading?

Whew, crazy Monday morning - hope this isn't a preview of the rest of the week! Just found out my 91-year old father-in-law's first PT session was scheduled this morning (they were supposed to call me!), so I rushed over there first thing. But son #1 took my car this morning back to campus because his is in the shop, so I had to borrow son #2's car & hope he didn't wake up and need it before I got back (a good bet since his only Monday class is at 3 pm). And, of course, he left the gas tank on empty.

OK, deep breaths. Back home now & trying to return to my regularly scheduled quiet Monday morning!

We had a very busy family weekend, with both sons and my father-in-law here, but we still found time to enjoy our books last week:
  • I finished - and enjoyed - a review book, The River of Kings by Taylor Brown, a novel with an intriguing mix of adventure, family drama, and historical fiction. It's about two brothers in Georgia who are kayaking the length of a river to honor their father's memory. He lived his whole life on the river, and they are carrying his ashes on their journey. Chapters of their kayaking trip alternate with flashbacks of their father's life on the river and scenes from the 1500's when the first French settlers came to this area and encountered Native Americans, illustrated by real drawings made by those explorers. It was very good - due out in March.
  • Now, I am reading my next book group book, Nathaniel's Nutmeg: The True and Incredible Adventures of the Spice Trader Who Changed the Course of History by Giles Milton. It's a nonfiction book about the spice trade in the 1500's and 1600's. I wasn't too thrilled with this choice (I voted for an exciting thriller set in Saudi Arabia!), but it's not too bad so far (about 100 pages in) - just not my first choice kind of book, especially in the middle of my favorite spooky reading season!
  • I finished listening to The Hunt by Megan Shepherd, a teen/YA novel and sequel to The Cage, which I enjoyed. This series takes place in another world, where a group of teens from Earth are being held captive. Gripping suspense and intriguing concepts!
  • Now, I am listening to another creepy novel on audio, Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman, an adult novel about teen good girl, Hannah, who becomes friends with the wild and dangerous Lacey, and the havoc they wreak in their town together. It's very good so far - chilling and suspenseful.
  • My husband, Ken, is still reading Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. Last year, we inherited my dad's collection of Stephen King and Dean Koontz books, but the first book in this series was missing. So, Ken bought a copy on our vacation a few weeks ago, and is enjoying reading this novel that my dad liked so much. We both miss him a lot, and reading his favorite books helps us feel close to him.
  • I believe Jamie, 22, is still reading book 3 in the Scott Lynch series Gentleman Bastards, The Republic of Thieves, which he bought this summer. He loves this series (so does my husband) and says it is about con men in Medieval times. 
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What are you and your family reading this week?    

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My family and I at our local pumpkin farm this weekend


  1. Ah sounds like Monday morning was frantic. Love the pumpkin farm pick, you really are the shorty in your family of men!! Enjoy your reading and good luck with the group read!

    1. ha ha - yes, I am only 5'1", and they are all close to 6' or taller!

  2. Some days are like that. Absolutely rushed. I hope things get back to an even keel soon.

    1. Thanks, Mystica - Tuesday was even worse, but I am taking it easy today!

  3. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Glad you straightened out your busy day. Nice pumpkin patch pic-- all ages love them!

    I'm interested in what your son is reading about the con men, and also perhaps the middle-east thriller you spoke of :)

    1. Thanks, Rita! We love that place - our tradition every October - they also have fresh homemade donuts that are amazing!

      Yes, I wish I remembered the title of that Saudi Arabian thriller - it featured a female ME so it sounds complex & exciting - I'll ask at book group tonight!

  4. Hi!
    My children's book, "Santosh the Little Elephant: A Tale of Friendship and Courage," was very recently published. I was wondering if you would be interested in reading my book and talking about it on your blog. I am a civic-minded primary school teacher. Like you, I care deeply about instilling a love of reading in children. I spend my free time in the community educating parents on the importance of literacy. I realize I am just an average person and you must get these inquiries all the time. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I have written multiple articles for various local magazines in my town. I would be willing to do whatever is asked of me to add value to your site. I'm just really trying to get my work out there. Thank you for your time. God bless you.
    Gilbert-Ian Rueda

    1. Sorry, But I don't accept books for review (other than those for my paid reviewing job), and I don't review picture books, either. My own sons are well grown-up now!

      Thanks for thinking of me, though, and good luck with your book - that is a big accomplishment!

  5. Sleeping Giants sounds like my kind of read.