Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday Snapshot 11/14

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads. 

We are supposed to be down in Virgina visiting James Madison University today, but both my son and I got sick (sinus infection for him & another round of bronchitis for me), so we drove halfway last night and then decided to come back home! Long drive to nowhere, but it was the right decision.

So, lying on the couch today and remembering the wonderful fall weekend we enjoyed last week, camping at Killens Pond State Park in Delaware:

My husband kayaking among the fall leaves

Gorgeous sunset from our kayaks

Pink sky

Last of the fall color, reflected in the pond

Hiking through the leaves

Reflections of fall color in the pond

So glad we got the camper out for one last trip this season!

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend! I plan to lie on the couch and read :)


  1. Beautiful fall colors. I'd be worried about ending up in cold water!

  2. Love the sunset and the beautiful autumn colours. I miss living in an area that really does autumn well (although I don't miss the cold winters that go with it!)

  3. Lovely shots of your weekend. Everything looks so calm and peaceful.

  4. These are beautiful Sue. Thanks for sharing.