Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Monday 6/23! What Are You Reading?

Whew, running late today - the next few weeks are going to be nonstop busy, with lots of stress piled on top! Just dealing with a lot of things right now in our family.

Books always provide a comforting retreat - here's what we've been reading this week:
  • I have been reading Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots by Jessica Soffer for a book discussion this week hosted by my local bookstore, where a local chef will prepare foods related to the book while we discuss it. The novel has been excellent - about the interaction between a teen girl who's feeling lost and unloved and an older woman who just lost her husband. Much of the book focuses on delicious-sounding Iraqi foods (both the girls' mother and the older woman are chefs), so I can't wait for lunch this week!
  • Second week with no audio book going. I need to get one started, but I just haven't had time to download one or to listen.
  • My husband, Ken, finished The Expats by Chris Pavone and enjoyed this modern-day spy thriller.
  • Ken is now reading The Martian by Andy Weir, which I gave him for Father's Day. In fact, I gave The Martian to my husband, my dad, and my mother's husband for Father's Day! It's supposed to be the it thriller of the season, about an astronaut stuck on Mars by himself with limited equipment - sort of a McGyver meets Gravity story.
  • I think that Jamie, 19, is still reading the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson on his Kindle, working on book 2, The Well of Ascension. He spent the last four days at the Firefly music festival and is sound asleep at the moment.
Not much time for blog writing (or visiting - sorry about that!) last week, but I managed a couple of posts:

Trailer for The Giver movie - coming in August - looks great! 

Review of Velva Jean Learns to Fly by Jennifer Niven, a historical novel set during WWII

What are you and your family reading this week?    

What Are You Reading Monday is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, with a kid/teen version hosted by Unleashing Readers.

First Day of Summer was last week so there is still plenty of time to sign up for my Big Book Summer Challenge! You only need to read one book, 400 pages or more, this summer to participate, so join the fun!


  1. The Martian is also on my reading list. I don't get into sci-fi heavily, but this looks good.

  2. I'm looking forward to The Giver movie coming out. My dd just finished that a week ago. She had already read Gathering Blue.

  3. Ah! I hadn't seen the trailer for The Giver movie. Thank you for sharing it! I wonder if I can convince my husband to go with me. :) I hope you have a great week, Sue!

  4. I hope things calm down for you soon. I'm still trying to get through my second big book! I just need to make more time to read!

  5. Tomorrow there will be apricots sounds like a truly interesting read. My 12 year old girl is also looking forward to watching The Giver - the first full-length novel that we read aloud together. We're now about to finish Gathering Blue. :)

    1. That's great, Myra! How fun to have something to look forward to to share with your daughter. I only read The Giver not either of the sequels (yet).