Saturday, March 03, 2012

Saturday Snapshot 3/3

At Home with Books hosts Saturday Snapshot.  I don't usually have time for blogging on weekends, but I wasn't feeling well today so I have been trying to take it easy and relax with my laptop!

I haven't taken many photos lately (except the beach one which I've already posted here twice!), so I went outside and took this one especially for this purpose:

Snowdrops: A Hint of Better Things to Come on a Cold, Dreary Day
Spring is just around the corner.  Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


  1. We got what seems like a ton of snow last night so this photo makes me hopeful :)

  2. Sue...lovely, those first signs of springs. Our plants are confused as we had snow Wednesday after 50-60 degree weather...LOL

  3. Gorgeous!! I sure wish I could have a flower garden, but our land is more sand than dirt.
    MY SS

  4. How lovely! Lots of people in Snapshot Saturday seem to be enjoying flowers this weekend...including me! :)