Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fall Into Reading Challenge: Question #2

Last week, I posted that I have joined the Fall Into Reading Challenge hosted over at Callapidder Days.  She is posing a question each week, and this week's question is:

How often do you re-read books? What does it take to make you re-read?

This fits right in with last week's Top Ten List  of Books I Want to Reread.  Obviously, since I made a list, I do sometimes reread a book but not very often.  I have such a huge, never-ending list of books I want to read for the first time that it's hard to find time to reread something again.

As you can see from my list, some of the books are favorites that I loved the first time (or first, second, and third times!) and a few are classics I read many years ago and don't remember well.  I just thoroughly enjoyed rereading Fahrenheit 451 which I hadn't read since high school.  I have reread some of the Harry Potter books, especially before the movies came out. 

So, it does happen, but not very frequently.  There are just so many good books out there and so little reading time!

How about you?  Do you ever reread books?

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