Thursday, August 04, 2011

Books Read In July

Well, this is going to look like a pretty pathetic monthly summary!  We returned from vacation on July 2, and shortly after that, I decided to tackle some Big Books this summer, so my list of books completed in July is quite meager:
And...yeah, that's it!  Just two kid/teen books completed this month (though one was 800 pages long) and one audio book that we started over a year ago!  It's not as bad as it looks, though, since I am also almost finished with The Passage by Justin Cronin (which has almost 800 densely-written pages).  I am also in the process of listening to three different audio books - I just don't have much free time during the summer to listen.  Hey, at least I reviewed two of the three books I finished this month (though I am still trying to catch up on June).

As for a favorite, well, I have to pick Harry Potter, of course!

Where Are You Reading? Summary:   My map didn't change much this month, since the locations of  two books, CT and the UK, were already accounted for.  I did add New Hampshire for Sarah Silverman's memoir since that is where she grew up.  So, my count for the year stands at 10 different states and 5 different countries (outside the U.S.).

How about you?  What was your favorite book read in July?

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  1. I also read The Deathly Hallows this month. Incredible! I've got to get catched up on my reviews...5 behind :( Have a great weekend!