Monday, January 04, 2010

It's Monday 1/4! What Are You Reading?

Happy New Year!

2010?? It sounds like some sort of sci fi novel!

We had a very busy holiday season (hence the hiatus from blogging), plus some unforeseen emergencies (my husband had emergency laser eye surgery the Sunday after Christmas), but now things are settling back down. I did manage to read some excellent books these last two weeks:
  • I finished Spacer and Rat by Margaret Bechard, an imaginative teen science fiction novel set during the future when humans have populated space. My son was right - it was very good.
  • During Christmas break and our trip to Oklahoma to visit my in-laws, I read Gumbo Tales: Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table by Sara Roahen. I LOVED this book! We used to live in New Orleans, and I could relate to everything Roahen wrote about - the food, the culture, the people. I miss my favorite city! I'll try to post a review this week because I definitely want to include this book on my Top Ten of 2009 list.
  • I started Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch, a Christmas gift from my husband (after he read my Top Ten Books I Want for Christmas list! He also gave me Mudbound.) The plot - about a harried mom who suddenly find herself transported back in time seven years earlier with the chance to rethink the choices she's made - is somewhat similar to my favorite book, Replay by Ken Grimwood, and I'm enjoying it so far.
My sons read a lot over the break, too, so if you're interested in what they're reading, check out my Monday post on Great Books for Kids and Teens, too. I have a big backlog of reviews to write this week, so check back!

Hope you also received some good books for Christmas. Happy New Year!

What are YOU reading this week?

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  1. Hope you have a great reading week! :D

  2. Gumbo Tales and Time of My Life sound interesting. Enjoy your week of reading!

  3. Gumbo Tales: Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table? Oooooo this sounds GOOD! I'm drooling already!

  4. Heather -

    It was amazing! I savored every single word (pun intended!). I hope to post a review later this week - I have a lot of catching up to do


  5. Mudbound sounds really intriguing!

  6. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Yes, it really is My busiest time of year. :)