Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Monday 12/14! What Are You Reading?

It's a bit late for my Monday posting. I'm not going to have much time for blogging for awhile - we have holiday celebrations in Connecticut, Delaware, and Oklahoma coming up. Plus, my sons and I were all sick all last week with a bad flare-up of our chronic illness, so I have so much to get done now! The boys went back to school today, but I'm still feeling pretty crummy.

Anyway, last week was a good reading week, though we also watched a LOT of movies!
  • I finally finished Sacred Scars by Kathleen Duey, with no further interruptions! This dark, compelling teen fantasy in The Resurrection of Magic trilogy (book 2) was just as good as the first one, and I can't wait for the third and final installment!
  • I started The Red Leather Diary: Reclaiming a Life Through the Pages of a Lost Journal by Lily Koppel. My mother read it for a book group and recommended it. I've had this copy from the library sitting on my kitchen counter for over a month, so I'm glad I finally got to it. It's a fascinating real-life look into the life of a young woman in New York from 1929 - 1934.
I did manage to post a review last week of The Help by Kathryn Stockett, one of the best books I've read in the past five years - a great gift idea for any reader on your holiday list!

And on Great Books for Kids and Teens, I posted my family's Top Ten List of Christmas Picture Books. Check out our favorites and tell me about yours!

So, what are YOU reading this week?


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I am so behind on my reviews...wish I would write them as soon as I am done reading. :(

  2. Me, too!!! I still have two backlogged reviews from when I was sick in September...


  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! I've going to read The Help for a challenge in 2010.

  4. Sue,

    I love love loved The Help! It was fantabulous. I bought a copy this year for every person I know for Christmas.

    I'm so glad you liked it, too!

  5. I read Red Leather Diary about a year ago and absolutely loved it. And The Help was one of my favorites of 2009. A great book. Yesterday I started Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. I'm not too far into it, but so far I like it. The writing is very readable. I also finished The Girls from Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow, which I really enjoyed.

  6. Pam - I'm on the last chapter of Red Leather Diary and enjoying it very much - I don't want it to end!

    I've heard great things about both Brooklyn and The Girls From Ames. In fact, I was at Border's Monday buying The Help for my mom for Christmas, and the cashier and I got talking about books (don't you love running into another book lover?), and she highly recommended The Girls From Ames.