Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's Monday, 6/8! What Are You Reading?

Well, it's actually still Sunday night, but I'll be out of town tomorrow, so I thought I'd post early. Nothing new this week - just finishing what I started. Getting very busy preparing for our upcoming vacation. We had a blast at Barnes & Noble tonight spending a few long-held gift cards for summer reading.

Last week:
  • I finished A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton for one of my book groups. This is the one I'd forgotten I already read! I re-read it and was still surprised by the ending. One of the benefits of getting older. Everyone in the book group agreed it was very well-written and compelling.
  • Then I was able to return to Gone Tomorrow by P.F. Kluge, a novel within a novel about a famous writer who takes a teaching job at a small mid-western college and never leaves (and also never publishes again). I'm enjoying this book very much so far.
So, what are YOU reading this week?

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  1. I love reading 'a story in a story' theme and I love books about writers. Enjoy your vacation!